Maxine Bi

Undergraduate Researcher

Will attend graduate school at UCSF.

Devin Amos

SURF student

Undergrad researcher in Flaherty lab. Will graduate Spring 2021.

Srinivas Govidan

Undergraduate Researcher

Will attend the St. Louis University School of Medicine in the fall.

Abby Gichaba

Undergraduate Researcher and SURF student

Will attend the IU School of Medicine in the fall.

Vashi Negi

Rotation Student (BioSci)

Graduate student in Fekete/Kuhn labs

Indranil Mukherjee

Rotation Student (BioSci)

Graduate student in Chang Lab

Patrick O' Neil

Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently Genomics Laboratory Manager in Forestry and Natural Resources

Priyanka Ravuru

Undergraduate Reseacher

Will graduate Dec 2018 - Congrats!!!

Austin Campbell

Undergraduate Reseacher

Currently works at Eli Lilly

Jason Tretter

Undergraduate Reseacher

Currently at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine

Anoop Narayanan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently an Associate Research Professor at Penn State

Kristen Jones

Rotation student (BioSci)

Graduate student in Kuhn Lab

Manjari Lokender

Undergraduate Researcher

Currently applying to med school

Adrian Gonzalez

Undergraduate Researcher

Will attend graduate school fall 2019

Jeannine Toth

Undergraduate Researcher

Jeremy Bakelar

Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently an Assistant Professor at Dixie State University

Hannah Eikelburg

Former Undergraduate and

Lab Manager

Currently applying to med school

Pat Carmody

Undergraduate Reseacher

Currently in graduate school at Indiana University in the Dept of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry

Ferris Nimri

Undergraduate Reseacher much BME?

Oliver Shim

Undergraduate Reseacher


Richard Bekeris

Graduate Student MS

Currently a software developer position with National Indemnity Company in Omaha

Moloud Sooreshjani

Graduate Student (PULSe)

Currently a graduate student in Dr. Herman Sintim's lab

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